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The TYRE PRESSURE ALERT VALVE CAP : (For general passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles).

  • is a simple device that starts flashing if the tyre pressure falls 4psi (8psi commercial) below the correct pressure
  • so small (approximately 24mm x 13.5mm) and light (approx 10g) that it will have virtually no impact on the wheel balancing or on the appearance of the vehicle
  • 100% self contained with onboard batteries. The batteries are good for 2 years standby time & 3+ weeks of blinking.
  • Designed to last & can withstand the toughest of conditions.The body is made of stainless steel and the lens polycarbonate.
  • Affordable. A set of 4 valve caps will retail from just £35.99 inc. vat
  • Independent tests show huge savings for very little investment (see right)
  • Self Calibrating. When the cap is first mounted on the valve stem, it will memorise the tyre pressure. The cap is then calibrated for life & doesn't need resetting.
  • Universal size. The valve cap can be calibrated to any tyre pressure between 10 & 150psi. No need to carry large stocks of different caps.
  • Simple to use. No technical knowledge required.
  • Simple to recalibrate the pressure if needed.

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New TPMS Legislation from 2012

From 2012 European legislation dictates that all new cars will be fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). With many modern vehicles already being fitted with them and the pressure watching technology due to become mandatory Tyres & Accessories has researched and compiled the latest information on the subject in order to answer the question: how will TPMS change the tyre retail business?

The 2008 Annual Tyre Pressure Review undertaken by Kwik-Fit found just over 46 per cent of cars tested had at least one tyre underinflated. Scaled up to represent the current level of UK registrations, this means that a staggering 12.46 million cars could be running on the roads like this, using £1.5 billion pounds of extra fuel and creating literally thousands of extra tons of carbon emissions. That 30 per cent extra tyre wear also means that an unnecessary 108,000 tyres each year have to be manufactured and disposed of too. ....
(Article courtesy of TyrePress.com)


Tyre Pressure Alert Cap at correct pressure
tyre pressure alert cap at low pressure
Tyre Pressure CORRECT
Tyre Pressure LOW





flashing valve cap showing low tyre pressure




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"Does exactly what it says on the tin..."
D R Unipart

"..simple ....brilliant"
P V Press Association

"This will save me £167k in tyres alone"
J C WBG Group

Recently a large Haulier purchased this device to try and said - "MPG’s increased from 9.53 to 9.84, the product showed any air loss in the tyre, we had a slow puncture on one of the tyres and the product highlighted this, which saved us a breakdown / call out. Overall the product does what it says on the label "Air Alert". - Nov'09

"..please get in touch probably the best road saftey product i have heard of for some time."
GH Powys Bus.

Valmar sideloaders manufacture a sideloader used in timber, steel, concrete application., The tyre indicator valves serve as a fantastic visual reading for the daily driver checks on his machine, before he puts the truck through its daily operation.
The valve pre-sets to the correct  pressure once fitted ie correct inflation of the tyre , and once the pressure decreases ie for a puncture it will flash RED giving the driver notification, a great safety feature .
Paul Hull
Operations Manager

"I am interested in the 8psi Air Alert Valve Cap for use on our fleet of ready mix concrete mixer trucks.  I have visited your website and feel your product will assist in helping do tyre pressure checks on our mixer trucks....."
Dexter - Eagelrock Cement

valmar sideloader with valve caps on


Valmar Sideloaders with caps on. Valmar fit the caps to every new sideloader coming in.

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